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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 11, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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passenger began emerging an hour later with stories about the darkness and foul smell. >> it left a bad smell in my mouth. >> reporter: passenger shot video of smoke in the engine room and the coast guard coming to their i'd. carnival is offering passengers a full refund. some were so impressed with the staff, they say they will sail
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again. >> this is our first time. it can't be any worse than this. >> reporter: can dance and bryan would rather spend their honeymoon in the mexican river era but -- riviera but calls this trip meme yabl. family members had special commemorative t shirts. one lady wrote a song. >> the toilets did not work. >> reporter: she's got a versus for each day. >> tonight the save the safety says it is sending a crew to figure out what sparked the fire and the power outage. a live look outside. it has been fantastic. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are tracking the weather. >> chilly tonight but this afternoon it warmed up to
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beautiful conditions. there's nothing around the entire east. generally clear. with clear skies we dropped to the upper 40s. winds are dead. the barometer is on the way up. how does it lock for friday and into the weekend. tim has a look. >> reporter: this stretch continues into the beginning of the week. high pressure is responsible for it. we're under a dome. it's allowing for the warmer temperatures and the bright sunshine to move up and down the eastern seaboard. we'll see wet weather heading our way. until then a really nice stretch of indian summer continues. bob will have it. >> the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month marked the end of world war i. today we commemorate it as veterans day. >> reporter: they marched this morning on charles street,
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thedown your rotc members from local schools to those who marched in their youth. the first veterans day parade in recent hex, certain lit first with leal unit of buffalo soldiers on motorcycles. if it wasn't convenient -- >> when we ask our men and women to serve we don't ask them to do it at lap convenient time oar are some some that team was long ago. for those who make it, it's a chance to reunite and reflect on what america means. >> a special day to me because this country needs to be protected and protected by us. >> i have friends that i lost, but they're right here in my heart and always will be. >> reporter: sacrifices continue with two ongoing wars. those are the people the first african-american marine core
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thinks of. >> he is recovering at walter reed. tonight it will be a battle of the birds. the ravens are taking on the falcons. >> we all know those road games are tough. no exception for the ravens. i'm finding no consensus among our experts. i'll have the ravens winning it by a field goal. fans going with the falcons wenning by six. my raid yes partner going with the ravens by a field goal.
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wjz tv and wjz analyst wally williams is going with the ravens. the ravens are on the field right now at the georgia dome. i'll have the latest for you coming up in sports. >> okay. we'll see you then. veg has the falcons favored by one point. >> what does las vegas know. e book outrage. a book being sold online, a guide for pedophiles, a new twist in the controversy. >> a major lawsuit is filed against one of maryland's orchards after several people become sick. i'm gigi barnett. the details are coming up. i'm mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news near annapolis. million the of deer are out. they maybe standing in front of your scar. what you should do.
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the weekend is almost here. will the weather cooperate? bob has the answer coming up. ,,,,,, ♪
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chances are you've seen a few dead deer. maryland is one of the states you're likely to be involved in an accident with a deer oar right now is one of the most dangerous times of the year. we saw a deer dart out.
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the car t-had to -- car had to put on its lights. the deer, while they've -- well, they've temporarily lost their mind. these beautiful creatures cause over a billion dollars in ugly damage every year. half of all deer accidents happen this month. the reason they jump out of the woods now is crystal clear. this month deer have lap one track -- a one track mind. paul is the state's wildlife director. >> it's just that they're a lot or attentive to breeding now that tends to make them less aware of the rest of their surroundings. >> it's usual lit bucks who are involved and the number of accidents is up from five years ago. where are the most dangerous spots? you may know the answer. >> be alert to those places where you've seen deer in the past f you saw deer yesterday evening, invariably there's a chance you'll see it again. >> you have to unlearn a lifetime of driving skills.
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that is, if you come upon a deer, don't swerve, hit the deer. >> it's a worse outcome if you swerve into a fixed object, a tree, a pole or an on coming vehicle in another lane trying to avoid that deer oar 80% of accidents happen between sunset and sunrise. final words of advice? >> slow down. if you can't remember that, slow down. >> reporter: if you're going to hit don't brake up until impact. when you break the car's nose drops down. so let up and you're likely to launched it over the car and not through the windshield. >> been close to this many times. each year some 200 people die after being involved in an accident with a deer. a food poisoning lawsuit has
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been filed against an orchard. we have more about the lawsuit. >> reporter: earlier this month the farm in westminster recalled the appleside cider. this after several people dreampg it and became sick. three were rushed to the hospital. now one of those victims has filed suit. >> most people do not appreciate the severity of this kind of bacterial infection, even in a quote mild case. it is exquisitely painful. >> he represents nicholas sickle. he visited the orchard last month and sampled it. he also bought a gallon of it. four days later his doctor told hem he was poisoned with e. coli. he file lad lawsuit and is still reeling from the illness. >> i think he's wary of
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consuming any unpasteurized pasteurized juice. >> reporter: she runs the farm's market. she said they just learned about it today. workers aren't done testing the leftover cider. >> there's been no confirmation there was e coli. >> reporter: until then. >> there's nothing to be done. >> reporter: the apple cider recall still stanlsd. any customers who may have bought it should dump it out. >> no other b -- bogger's product is affected. "call of duty" broke 5.5 million units. it cops the first day sales of
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the previous record setting predecessor. >> that's a lot of war on video. >> it sure is. >> all righty. back in my day we actually didn't play video games. we didn't have them. >> had plastic soldiers. remember those, plastic soldiers? >> didn't even have computers. in fact, we didn't have them when i started here. 48. dew point 33. humidity 55%. no winds at all. barometer at 30.4 inches and still rising. we'll take a look at,,,,,,,,
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clear skies, light winds. 62. the normal high is 58. the record in 2006, 77. in 1973, 21 on this date in the morning. no wind. most places very light conditions and with light conditions clear skies and very dry air. once again temperatures will drop, a little rain from oklahoma to northern illinois. some snow, still over a portion of central rockies, snow in nebraska, portions of south
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dakota. that's pretty much ended. click getting a few showers. that will stay. there you've got high pressure ruling the roost up and down the east coast. clear skies finally new from plain to florida land from maryland all the way out to central portions of the midwest, just really amazingly beautiful weather. looks like it will continue as the high pressure builds over the region. it slides whoever the coast and eventually our winds go back to the west, southwest. so temperatures get warmer than they've been. you can be in the mid-60s. they had 68 and 73 temperatures over the ohio valley the last couple of days. warm air, cool skies. looks like it's going to continue into next week. the first chance we were have for real shower activity probably on tuesday into wednesday. north winds five to 10 knots.
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4:55. clear skies. this will be chilly, around freezing with frost. light winds. tomorrow sunshine, pretty much wall to wall all day long. in the low 60s, which is about five or six degrees above average. another beautiful end of the week and the weekend nicer, warmer but still sunshine all weekend long. >> warmer. wow. >> still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news, fast, fewerrous and dangerous. >> i'm suzanne collins. does your child ride atv's. >> reporter: i'm weijia jiang in glen burnie. bridge standoff. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is just after 6:30. geef gee. here's some of the stories
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people are talking b the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure. that was a book on sale on jessica kartalija has more on the raging controversy. >> reporter: phillip greaves is the author of the book. >> kissing, funneling, is not serious. >> reporter: he offers advice on how to have interaction with a child and supposedly not break the law. >> people have this vision that a pedophile is someone who abuses children, that forces children to have intercourse with them. the word pedophile is someone who loves children. >> it goes beyond how to do it and how not to get caught but
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seems to promote it as a life-style. >> reporter: the book, available on line had sold one copy until a few days ago when the spotlight was turned on it. sales are now up to over 3,000 copies. >> pedophilia is a crime against children. >> reporter: along with greaves, has come under heavy critcy. virtually all of the customer reviews and comments on amazon's website condemn amazon. disgusting. are you insane? folks queueses -- no excuses amazon. shame on you. amazon said it's sensorship not to sell certain books because we believe the message is objectionable. however, we support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decision. amazon just announced they're pulling it from their site.
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critics said amazon is making excuses by saying it doesn't exercise sensorship pointing out the company does to the publish pornographic books. jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> once again, has pulled that book from online ordering. other books romaine on amazon -- remain on amazon. rush our traffic comes to a stop on one of california's busiest bridges. we have or on the situation. >> the man was threatening to blow up the san francisco bridge and had his daughter with him. it started about 7 this morning when the man pulled over and stopped traffic. he said he had pipe bombs in his suv. during the hour-long standoff, his daughter managed to escape from the vehicle. police convinced the man to surrender. they said he was upset about family issues.
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no explosives were found but traffic was backed up for miles. >> nearly 300,000 drivers use the bay bridge each day. two family members found dead in a fire. we have more on the investigation. >> reporter: more than 24 hours after the fire first broke out, investigators said they have no idea how this happened. many said they don't know when they'll have a place to work again. it took 60 firefighters more than an hour to get the fire under control. a search inside led crews to exactly what they feared. >> we have two souls that were lost inside the fire. >> reporter: police have yet to identify them but family members said they were macho acevedo and
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yoni ramos. >> instead of going home, they would sleep there. >> we love both of them. we got to deal with it. >> reporter: loved ones grieved through the night. as day broke, they took in the image. this was the car she was hoping to drive home. >> i'm sorry, man. your car is garbage right now. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is under investigation. dozens of mechanics are displaced. no matter the physical damage, they said it's the pain of losing two friends. >> really sad. when i turned the corner, my stomach started to buckle. >> reporter: the victim's bodies were taken to the state medical examiner's office where an autopsy is pending. weijia jiang reporting. >> family members said the 4345-year-old is from puerto rico. the teenager is from on dure
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practices. prosecutors dropped some of the charges accused of cutting some students during a bar fight. new evidence shows that ramos was acting in self-defense. the others involved may also face charges. an incredible story of survival. a columbia woman spends years in shock trauma fighting a rare flesh eating disease. she tells us about her life and death battle. just a few years ago sandy was literally being eaten alive. >> i was being torn apart from the inside out. >> flesh eating bacteria was attacking her body. >> do you remember the first time you heard them tell you you have what we call flesh eating bacteria? >> the first time i realized what was going on is when looked
6:37 pm
down. >> what did you see? >> this yellow waxing saran wrap type thing and i saw what looked like french fries or chicken. what this was was my internal organs. i could see my organs. it is rare but it is deadly, up to a third of the victims. >> she had a difficult infection to treat. >> dr. thomas scalea led the team that kept her alive. >> i would shake my head why can't we get her well. >> sandy's problem began in 2005 when she gave birth by c
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section. she developed complications. >> they were trying to give me hope, but i could read it behind their eyes that they didn't think there was hope. >> an a -- on recent visit to shock trauma, no one could believe sandy was alie. sandy and her doctors can't pinpoint where she picked it up, but it lives in crowded places like daycare centers, schools or prisons. you can pick it up from contaminated items like sports equipment. all it needs is an open wound to get inside your body. >> i don't know the number of times we operated on her. it was probably 50 when all was said and done, maybe more. >> sandy spent first year of her baby's life in the hospital. doctors finally got rid of the bacteria. with her organs eaten away, she underwent a transplant of her large and small intestines.
6:39 pm
>> do you think you wouldn't have survived if you didn't have this beautiful by to come home to? >> i remember thinking about it in the hospital. it was basically thank god it's me because it could have been my son. >> sandy plans to renew her nursing license. he is wants to return to her career at an hear hospital. >> time for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. the results of the ravens game and reviews of this woke's new movies. remember, look for the updated forecast with the first warning weather team. students being attacked at school. a strip mall engulfed in fire. great weather continues. i'll have the five-day forecast. >> wjz 13 is always on.
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video appears to show
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several boys brawling in a locker room. the parents hop found the video said their child told them it was a gang knish ate -- initiation. we have the report on head traumas. >> reporter: they are a fast and furious and videos posted to youtube shows atving attracts it daredevils who crash over and over again about but an ever growing number of children under 18 are being injured. a johns hopkins report publish lad study in trauma. pediatric hospitalizations have jumped 150%. >> they're much larger, much
6:44 pm
faster. they can go up to 70 miles an hour. >> reporter: 30% vfl traumatic brain injury. this child was riding on the back of a friend's atv that collided with a car hoot bone got shattered. they said it was across the road. >> reporter: another study on dirt trail accidents shows that atv accidents are more prevalent than two-wheelers and they were in intensive carp and a respirator. they said no one under 18 should ride on an atv. >> the problem with atv's is most people are not wearing helmets. >> reporter: helmet laws don't help when much of the riding is off road, out of a policeman's view. >> the all-terrain vehicles association said the report reflects the increased
6:45 pm
popularity of atv's and it advocates safety. several businesses go new flames as an early morning fire torr through an indiana strip mall. it started in a dunkin' donuts. employees called the fire department. the fire took three hours to contain but no one was injured. >> so sad when a doughnut shop goes up. >> it smells good. >> katie couric as what's coming up. >> what do we were know about north korea? we'll take a look at the permit king dome and the threat that this poses. that's tonight on the "cbs evening news." >> here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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our string of delightful days continues. here's tim out in the outback. >> definitely another nice day. we'll get down into the temperatures around the 30 and freezing mark but we start off with sunshine and we'll get up to about 60 degrees.
6:49 pm
the overnight lows dipped back down into the 30s. it will be pleasant with sunshine and blue skies. we'll send it over to bob. 66 by saturday afternoon. the sunshine, got to love that. 63 on sunday, maybe a few clouds and few more clouds on monday, 62. chance of showers by tuesday afternoon. so still a high near 60 degrees. >> wonder f. still to come, the ravens arrive in atlanta for that are arrive in atlanta for that are showdown,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's prime-time football. players don't like the short turnaround after plague four days ago. the ravens don't like plague indoors either. here's the scene at the georgia dome. johnson, joe flacco, todd heap getting ready. the last time the ravens played in atlanta eight years ago it was a loss to the falcons. prime-time not kind to the ravens whether a thursday, sunday or monday night, but this night is a new opportunity. >> i think thursday night will be a great atmosphere. i know our guys are excited.
6:53 pm
we played hop monday night. this is the first thursday night opener. i don't want to say it feels like week one, but it feels good to know we're on a short week and we have a challenge ahead of us. we relish challenges. it's going to be a great game. >> atlanta's top receiver has a knee injury but proglam claims no -- proclaims no way will he miss the game. wilson is expected to start at corner position ahead of fabbian washington. another set back for terrapins shawn merry man. he aggravated an injury to his right achilles tendon, likely to keep him off the team for another two weeks. injuries led to the san diego chargers releasing the all pro linebacker. merryman's alma mater gets
6:54 pm
ready. the terps coming off a tough loss on the road at miami a much shorter trip coming up this weekend. he said he appreciates the intensity. >> that will be a big rivalry. it's good for the program, good for the season, good for the fans, even better when you win. >> despite loss in miami, an interspecial with two more touchdowns. maryland at virginia on saturday. looks like another swing and miss for the orioles. today news that juan samuel has been hired someone else. the news comes a week after it said he would be staying with
6:55 pm
the o's. finally, it's a lpg way until march madness but there was an early season thrill. terps trailing by a point. freshman guard key sri lanka howard looking more experienced than a rookie with that play. would rush down for one last shot but no good. off to a 2-0 start. they play maine at comcast center. looks like he lost. he's been doing this at maryland for 22 years. for 22 years. even,,,,,,
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don't miss the cbs prime-time line up. i'm denise koch. >> i'm vic carter. don't go away. there's much more ahead on the "cbs evening news" with katie couric, including a new treatment noser brain can -- for brain cancer. we invite you to,,
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>> couric: left stranded at sea. >> everything started shaking and rumbling, and i turned to mark and say, "this is just not right." >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, a medical first. doctors inject stem cells directly into this woman's brain to fight a deadly cancer. north korea in focus, a rare look inside the secret society and the threat it poses to america. and a veteran's final battle to bring all his fallen comrades home. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. their ship finally came in, and for the 4500 passengers and crew not a moment too soon. conditions on board the carnival "splendor" were


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